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What’s in it for me?

As an AATIA member, I occasionally wonder what’s in it for me. I ask myself what benefit I derive from paying my dues to the Association, especially at this time of year when I am deciding whether or not to renew my membership.


Tune in Christmas Eve for words and music

bulbs On Christmas Eve AATIA members Tony Beckwith and Maurine McLean will read original poetry on Writing on the Air, a radio program hosted by Lisa Scheps. The show airs 6–7 p.m. on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM.

In an extensive interview, Tony will talk about the creative process, interpreting and translating as they relate to writing and acting, and how to be ready when inspiration strikes.

Austin’s own Therapy Sisters will round out the program with their special take on holiday music.

Update: Listen to the show:


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  • According to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2008-2009, "Interpreters…can expect much faster than average employment growth over the next decade." But, "specialized training in how to do the work is generally required." 

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Basic Interpreting Skills. This four-session workshop will start on January 16th and conclude on January 31st. Participants will learn about interpreting in social service, medical, psychosocial, law enforcement and legal settings.

    Registration will end on Tuesday, January 13th. Register today!

    Register online. Or contact Laura Vlasman to register by mail and pay by check.

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  • Community interpreters to meet in Vancouver


    Vancouver, British Columbia, will host an international conference May 6–8, 2009, that is designed to help interpreters understand the impact of globalization and how they can strengthen their organizations in order to meet their service goals.

    Dynamic keynote speakers, exciting multi-disciplinary panels, and interactive breakout sessions will explore international best practices, innovations, and
    improved services for our new global community.

    The conference will offer an opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with colleagues, and share perspectives on the changing face of community interpreting. Full details.

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  • More Translation Blogs

    Guess what – there are many more translation-related blogs out there besides the AATIA blog! Here is a small sample:

    NOTAS TERMINOLOGICAS. Terminology Notes (and more) from the Spanish Translation Service of the United Nations, New York.

    Thoughts On Translation. By Corinne McKay: American Translators Association-certified French to English translator.

    Transblawg – A weblog by Margaret Marks on German-English legal translation.

    Brave New Words. A blog about translation, language, literature, and other related topics.

    Translating is an Art. A weblog about translation and language.

    From Our Lips to Your Ears.  How Interpreters are Changing the World.

    About Translation. Information, news and opinions about professional translation.


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  • Academia Rossica, part of the Russian Culture and Arts Foundation, recently issued a press release announcing two sources of funds it offers to encourage translations from Russian to English.

    The first is the Rossica Prize, established to promote the best of Russian literary culture in the English-speaking world by encouraging the translation of a broad range of authors, genres and periods.  Publishers and translators are invited to submit their new translations  to be considered for the Rossica Prize 2009. To qualify, the original work must have been written in Russian by any author, present or past, and the translation must have been published in 2007 or 2008; country of publication is irrelevant.  The award, totalling £5,000, will be split between translator and publisher.  Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2008.

    Academia Rossica also invites publishers to apply for grants for lterary translation from Russian into English.  Priority is given to translation of contemporary fiction and poetry, but literary non-fiction titles may also be eligible if they are exceptional in terms of literary or stylistic innovation.

    For more details, please see Academia Rossica website at or contact Ruth Atkinson, Literature Projects Coordinator, Academia Rossica, Russian Culture and Arts Foundation, 76 Brewer Street, Piccadilly Circus, London W1F 9TX. +44 20 7287 5712. +44 20 7287 2614.


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  • NPR: The Art of Translation

    Literary translation isn’t at all straightforward: A single word can determine the arc of a work.

    NPR’s program All Things Considered (November 22, 2008) aired a short segment on The Art of Translation, which you may listen to or read on their website.

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  • Nifty Utilities – Convert

    An occasional series about utilities that make your work easier.

    Program: Convert

    Price: Free

    Available from:

    Operating System: Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Windows 98, Windows 98SE,  Windows ME,  Windows 2000, Windows XP,  Windows 2003, Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), Linux/UNIX/anything that runs Wine

    Description: Convert is a one-trick pony, but it does its trick well: converting units of measurements. I often deal with source documents using gallons, pounds, inches and degrees Fahrenheit that need to be converted into liters, kilograms, centimeters and degrees Celsius. Simply select the appropriate tab (such as Volume, Distance or Temperature), click on the two units and enter the appropriate number for the source unit.

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  • AATIA is one of the nation’s leading resources and advocates for the translation and interpretation community. Our mission: to serve AATIA members through education, networking, and promotion of translation and interpretation professions.

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