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Fillers and kadigans

Fillers are sounds or words spoken to fill gaps in utterances. Different languages have different characteristic filler sounds; English speakers commonly use “uh,” “er,” and “um.” “Like,” “y’know,” and “basically” are examples of filler words.

Language learners display a lack of fluency by using fillers from their native tongue, e.g., “Quiero una umm . . . quesadilla.” Wikipedia gives us some fillers in other languages

Knowing the placeholder words (sometimes called kadigans) of a language (e.g., the equivalent of “thingy”) can also improve fluency, such as the French truc: “Je cherche le truc qu’on utilise pour ouvrir une boîte” (“I’m looking for the thingy that you use to open up a can”). Wikipedia cites placeholders in English and other languages.

Thanks to Languagehat for this pointer.

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  • AATIA members elected to ATA Board

    Congratulations to our own Cristina Helmerichs and Odile Legeay, who have been elected to the Board of the ATA:

    Election of American Translators Association officers and directors took place Thursday morning during the Annual Meeting of All Voting Members.

    Dorothee Racette was elected President-elect, Virginia Perez-Santalla Secretary, and Gabe Bokor Treasurer.

    Three new Board members were also elected to fill 3-year terms: Cristina Helmerichs, Odile Legeay, and Frieda Ruppaner-Lind.

    David Rumsey was elected to fill a 1-year term on the Board.

    Conference photos and news will be posted on the ATA website.

    Translation Industry Growing Despite Economy

    The translation industry is growing during these tough economic times, and will continue to do so due to the nature of the globalized economy, predicts Margarita Griggs, a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). Griggs, who recently received an international award for her work with high school and college students, says organizations in the United States will need to rely more on the global economy because the domestic economy is struggling. And organizations will need accurate translation when conducting business around the world, she says. The translation and interpreting services industry has grown at a rate of 10 to 15 percent annually over the past decade and is now an $11 billion industry. Parade Magazine recently ranked translation as the second hottest job, noting that the need for translators will grow by 26 percent over the next ten years.

    From "Interpreters in High Demand" (NV) (10/09/09) Wightman, Karoline
    Quoted in ATA Newsbriefs

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